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Monday, 26 October 2009


Mondays are rubbish and today was no exception, but how nice it is to come home to these little furries these days!

After Wills super snuggly sesh yesterday I managed to both capture it in a photos and also scrap it. Unfortunately today it was dark when I went to work and dark when I got home so couldn't photograph it. Will attempt to do so tomorrow and share - tis ever so sweet!!

Might even get in the Zone for an hour tonight, after creature time. Managed quite a bit yesterday but have still got covers and pages to make for my circle journal for the scrapagogo girls celebrate journal. Had a few ideas yesterday- just need to try to produce them.
Catch you soon.


Debbie said...

Love all the little details on this LO - although I am struggling somewhat with the furrys!!

brenda said...

So the boys have made it into a LO and a very nice one too. Love all the emebellies and details, great.

B x

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. Blimey you have been busy. I've not stopped by for a few days and it's taken me ages to catch up on all your goings on. Congrats on the two new additions. Pets are always fun, whatever type they are, especially when they lend a paw with crafty things!!!!!
Love the layoputs you've been creating. That wood paper is gorgeous.
Hope work goes ok this week.


Louby said...

This is so sweet. love this style with the huge dotty circle,its so pretty and country. Great names too!
Louby x