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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Chill out Sunday!

Have had a lovely quiet Sunday today, played with the boys and scrapped a few LO's, sometimes at the same time!!

Wills helped his mommy by supervising from my shoulder and then falling asleep for an hour and a half on my chest! At that point I had to sit on the sofa so that he didn't fall off into my distress stickles and ink pads!!?
I'm glad he is relaxed enough with me to do that though, unlike little Harry who I think will take a lot longer to fully relax, (another 7 raisins and a wee he gifted to me today)!!!

Have still been feeding the squiggles in the garden, although have to admit they have not been my priority this week. Have managed to finally scrap some of the pics I took using my long awaited October kit and so will share them with you this week.

Am gobsmacked at the X Factor result this evening, but pleased that Danyl didn't go out. That really would have been a travesty! Why oh why are those hideous twins still there, they might be entertaining for about a second, but surely this is about those that can sing and have the X Factor or have I got it wrong?

Oh well, I can't believe it's Monday again already! At least its a short week for me as next weekend is my long one before my ten day stint.
Off to bed as I have to be up at silly o'clock.
Night night xxx


Nemo said...

That is such an awe inspiring layout - simple but oh so brilliant.
You have excelled again!

Polly said...

Great use of the kit - that wood grain paper is to die for.

Sounds like you and the new additions are getting on like a house on fire - I'm not sure about the ink but maybe a little glitter? He'd love to be a disco rat!

BTW, I hate the X-Factor but John and Edward rock:)

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Glittery furbies, why not. Another great LO, I guess I should try and put some of our four legged friends into that format, time and ideas is the biggest problem, not the shortage of DP's.

B x