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Friday, 23 October 2009

Warning - furry footed creatures!!

Introducing Harry and Wills.

I can't believe it's Friday already?

With a week that has just announced the demise of the UK's favourite scrapping magazine I defer to my last post - Fate is a funny old thing!

Harry and Wills (MKII - actually)
Just by chance last week we decided to go into the pet shop and saw two of the most gorgeous golden baby rats ever. They were so tame and loving, no-one had wanted them for 4 months and due to my constant craving for furry creatures I agreed to rehome them.
To cut a long sad story short - when we went back to collect them the bloomin' shop had forgotten and sold them to someone else! I mean really? No-one for 4 months and as soon as I fall in love with them someone else pops up!!!
So not impressed!!
Gutted? Me? I cried my eyes out!

It wasn't long then before the forlorn empty cage had to be refilled and off I went on a rat hunt with BM to find some new chums.

Enter Harry and Wills ( Harry is the slightly gingery albino one).

They are not tame - yet, but are getting used to me very quickly co's of course as soon as I get in from work I have to play with them. And of course they are hard to take pics of co's they don't sit still for long and I find I am currently the wrong side of the camera!?
It does also interfere with my scrapping somewhat, but Wills is beginning to like lurking on my neck so hopefully I will be able to go in the zone with him on my shoulder soon. Harry is much more timid but very snuggly when he does eventually decide to come and play!!

I have managed a couple of LO's this week, my Scrapagogo kit did eventually turn up, but not been home in daylight to photograph them yet!!
Will share tomorrow.
I hate that work gets in the way of my fun life???


Polly said...

Hello little rattys - what a pair of poppets they are. Quite jealous actually, I'd love a rat or 2 but Alistair doesn't like their tails. We may compromise over a hamster.

Gutted to hear about SI, looks like I'm going to need to spend even more time blog hopping!

Emma said...

little sweeties! Gutted too about SI :(

brenda said...

Oh my Sara, they are gorgeous. I was nearly right, these are just a bit smaller.

Love the names as well. Hope you will keep us updated with pictures as they grow and get more tame - all of that will happen very quickly.

Thank you for sharing.

B x