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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Happy Days!

I survived the ten day stretch and have a whole 3 days off now!
What am I going to do?
Well, apart from some playtime with the monkeys, tomorrow I am going to have a mega lie-in and then scrap scrap scrap!
I'm hoping the postie will bring my new kit so that I can get my act together and make a start on the new circle journal that I have just signed up for on Scrapagogo. I have never done one before so am a bit nervous and don't want to let the other girls down. Although I have come up with my theme ......"If I was......?", ie, if I wasn't me I would be...........? but have got to design my cover and make the first pages for it. I have also got to get my act together and sign up for the Getaway next Oct. I have said I will go with my new chum Polly so don't want to miss out on a place!
This fab trip to Jersey seems such a long time ago now, it was only last month. This weekend won't be that exciting but I am sure we will have fun!!


Polly said...

Hurrah for the GoGo Getaway and this layout is great - I love that turquoise.

Sounds like a good plan for the weekend, mine is quite simillar but first I need to uncovder the dining room table - It must be under there somewhere!

beksynormz said...

Don't be nervous Sarah, it's my first CJ too! Will look forward to meeting you next October!! xx

brenda said...

Have a fab three days, sure you have earned the break.

Thanks for asking about Bernie, yes he is doing fine. Still on four meals a day until his stonach gets properly back to normal, bit like having a baby again.

And George had his little op this week - life will never be the same again, but he will be one in December so figured better done now than later as we have two female labs !

Enjoy your weekend.

B x