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Monday, 19 October 2009


Fate is a funny thing.
One decision here, a change of mind there and a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you!

A simple decision made yesterday has had a series of knock on effects and the house of monkey is about to change.

We are expecting!

I am quick to add that this is not in the patter of tiny feet styly of expecting, although in some ways it is.
There is no way I would spawn a mini-me into this world, (although she would obviously be far less cynical and sarcastic that the current version), but the house of monkey already has one set of mini- me's, and that is enough for anyone to deal with!!
No, this will involve small feet but of the furry kind and there will be eight of them!!!!
What strange mythical eight-footed creature could this be? you are asking.
Wait and see!

On another note, I can't believe it is Monday already, have done so much this weekend and achieved so little. And at the time of writing - still no Scrapagogo kit!


Emma said...

8 legs!!! Please tell me not a spider! LOL bet its 2 kittens. Cool lo too.

Polly said...

Oooh exciting - thought maybe kittens too, or gerbils. Gerbils are very cool.

Sorry your kit hasn't arrived yet -it's well worth the wait though, I promise.

lisa said...

How intriguing!!!! If it's kittens and two, then you're mad believe me!!! Only kidding, can't wait to hear more.


beksynormz said...

Intriguing, please warn me if you're about to post a picture of a tarantula!!!! Fingers crossed that postie comes today! xx

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Well spiders apart, then I am going for a couple guinea pigs - that's because I love them and have two of my own - Elvis and Whiskey - don't go there on the names the children named them.

George adores them and spends hours on 'guinea watch' - they live in an eglu - an lovely red insulated house thats warm in winter and cool in summer with a fox proof run.

And I should have said, this is a great layout - probably should have delt with that first, but animals rule.

B x

Corrina said...

Sarah, just found your blog, great squirrel photos and please don't let it be a tarantula!