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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Workaholic, me?

It's Friday again!
What a week, I have certainly put in some hours and have had my head stressed and crammed full of things to remember, but now I can forget it all for three days and relax!

It's still crazy busy and I didn't finish until about 4.00am yesterday morning which reminded me that I had made this LO about the corridor to my office and how it looks in the wee hours - spooky isn't it? I know some of the girls have to sprint down it to go to the loo co's they are big scaredy cats!!

Today was hectic again and although I didn't finish on time I was only an hour late and managed to get home the same day I went to work - just! Am now sat with a nice cup of tea while the electric blanket warms up the bed for me. BM is on night duty so will probably wake me up with his cold limbs at silly o clock in the morning but at least I can go back to sleep again.
Ooooooh a lovely lie-in for me I think?
Laters taters xxx


Louby said...

brill layout, love anything spooky and halloweeny. Love the swirls. Have a nice weekend.
Louby x

Thanks for the comments x

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

I do hope you have used your three days off the relax a bit, you certainly sound ready for it.

Not sure what this says about your office environment, spooky indeed.

B x

lisa said...

You take some great photos to make Layouts with, Sarah, this is fantastic. I think I would run too!!!!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


Enfys said...

I love the way your mind works, and you take photos of the most mundane places/objects and turn them into something extraordinary!
En xx