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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hot and Cold!

That's how it goes in my line of work. 
All or nothing.
There is either too much to do or not much!

That's how it was today, after a slightly busy day yesterday, today was very quiet. 
Although it did make the effort of getting up at silly o clock even harder and sitting in the office blogging on my iphone is obviously very tiresome!
It did mean though that I was able to get home on time and I even managed to get in the zone and produce a LO!!

As for the odd tap photo yesterday, no I wasn't going mad, but they are very posh taps and Grannywen's friend had used them in her cottage refurb. 
 So what!  You may say? 
  Well it just so happens that along with my recent discovery that one of the chaps who was in G4 is also my 4th cousin, the people who make these posh taps are also relations of ours too. When we saw the taps I just had to photograph them - they did make us smile!

 How do I know all this - well Grannywen loves digging up relatives, alive and dead in her quest for genealogical supremacy. She has traced our family back a very very long way.  
 I, of course have no interest in any of this unless there are exciting discoveries such as opera singers and tap makers - shallow I know!
Am up early yet again tomorrow so off to bed soon.
Night night xxx


Anna said...

Thats a great layout. Thanks for your comment on my blog too. xx

brenda said...

How tough is that Sarah having to spend time blogging at work - and nobody at home here told me you could do that on one - I wonder why not ?

Fab l/o of little monkey. I actually did a scrapbook page for one of my DT projects coming up Sunday, not up to your standards but I am trying to learn from you.

B x

Claire Williams said...

Really cute LO, love it!!

lisa said...

Great layout Sarah as always. You crack me up with all the tales of your relatives, how good is that having tap makers and someone from G4, far more exciting than mine for sure!!