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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Squirrel watch!

I have been very true to Dolittle form recently.
 I have always enjoyed watching the squiggles in the back garden and the way they use the trees and fences as their own speedy highway. Often there are about 5 or 6 of them racing around jumping from tree to tree.
This year I decided to help them out and have bought a huge bag of nuts for them to feed on. I put them in a big pile on the patio and throw a few into the grass and then sit and watch them come and eat and bury them away.
It's very relaxing and great for practising my photography skills. They are gradually coming closer and closer, reducing my need for my zoom lense. I am hoping to feed them by hand one day like the cheeky little squiggles in Hyde Park.

1 comment:

Nemo said...

Those photos are sheer magic! Love the way the sun shines and the added colour from the leaves. Such cheeky little squiggles - but remember that they have very sharp teeth and can give you a nasty bite.