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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Lure of the Pally?

I had to go, I couldn't help myself! 
Despite the flood of stash that has recently graced my letterbox, scrapagogo delights and online wins (most of it several weeks late) I still  couldn't resist the lure of Ally Pally!

BM and I got up quite late, had yummy bacon sandwiches and then decided it was too late to head off to the zoo, so set off up to north london to spot the croc wearers and other crafty folk.

Why is is that crafters are generally such lovely friendly people, but put them within 100 metres of a craft show and they turn into evil ill -mannered monsters?? I was pushed out of the way so many times and had people stand right in front of me when drooling over stash that I really lost my patience and didn't scour the stalls as much as I should have. Still managed to secure a healthy number of new die cut papers though, which  I (heart) sooo much and BM even kept his promise and bought me another new Martha Stewart punch!!! 

We returned south of the river on the tube while I jealously eyed up other crafters bulging totes and trolleys and collapsed happily on the sofa. No sooner than I started to rummage through my haul when the doorbell rang and as far as BM was concerned, the best pizza box of all arrived!!!


lisa said...

Hi Sarah, glad your course was ok.
The temptations of craft hey!!!!
I had to smile at your comments re craft loving folk turning into ......!
I have to agree, we said the very same at Harrogate the other week. Why people can't be polite, there is always enough stuff to go round. In the end we retired for coffee and let the crowds subside a bit, I've never been into pushing and shoving for things!
Enjoy your pizza.


Judith said...

Its true they are not all nice. I may hire one of those huge electric cart things for next years show. They would have to shove me some to knock that over. I was almost flat on the floor twice and I am wearing steel toecaps next time.
Also may I suggest to fellow crafters that if you meet friends or just wish to stop for a general chat, don't do it in a stall. They are far to small for that sort of thing.
Sorry for long comment, you got me started. x x x

Sarah xx said...

The electric cart idea - ha ha - last year BM stood at the side of the hall to stay out the way and somebody still ran over his toes on the way past! He was not impressed!!! xx

Louby said...

Hi sarah,
my ideal day that, craft stuff and pizza delivered to the door.lol.

Love the layout.... I do like green i have to say.

See I am still here, will try and get by more often. You have been sooooooo busy you put me to shame.