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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Busy all week............

And relax..........................!

What a week - all spent at court (yawn) and more to follow next week! Not much fun, although I did have a beer by the river last night, hence no post yesterday!

I had lots of intention to scrap today, but I have to admit by the time I woke up, collected an undelivered parcel from the sorting office and indulged myself in a dreamy 2 hour float the day had almost passed. 
Do I feel guilty?
No, not really - that's what days off are for!!!!

I am off into the zone now for the evening, but will share with you this little LO all about my new work handbag. BM calls it the Mary Poppin's bag because just about anything you could ever wish for can be found lurking in the bottom of it!
 This was very true on Thursday night, after our work dinner, when my detective and I visited the scene of the venue for our case at court as an issue had arisen during the trial. We needed to measure an area which was the scene of the alleged crime. Everyone involved was extremely amused when I produced from my bag not only a tape measure but also a small torch or two - it was a small dark fire exit we were measuring! (They are small keyring torches I hasten to add, from my car keys, not a foot long Maglight!) 
Anyway - the LO is all about the fact that I had decided to buy myself a new improved Poppin's bag, as the old one was looking really tatty and a lovely friend had given me a Debenhams vouchers to spend. 
It might be rather sad subject matter to scrap - but it is a major part of my life which is what we scrap to record isn't it?
Will catch you tomorrow, am off to the Thames River Festival with a friend so should have lots of pics to share!


Lynda said...

A girl can NEVER have too many bags! Great layout and lovely bag too.

Love Lynda xxx

Biskit said...

I have a recently acquired mary poppins bag as well. No torches though, but today it had DS's coat, my canon 450D, 2 kids drinks (large bottles!), blister plasters, purse (not exactly small), a huge wodge of tissues (DD has the sniffles again), makeup bag (why I have no idea as I rarely wear the stuff), pair of those foot tight things should I decided to buy shoes, fold away shopping bag and keys. There is other stuff in it as well, but yep, a mary poppins bag. Good way to describe it. LOL

Sara said...

Great colours on that lo xx

Emilie said...

This LO is gorgeous! I love the colour combo!