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Friday, 25 September 2009

Quality time!

It's the weekend at last!

I survived my course and even have a sad little certificate to prove it!!
Can't say I learnt anything new, but there were some very entertaining speakers from within our organisation who do jobs that are far sexier than mine, and they were very interesting to listen to!

Have got a whole weekend to play now and spend some quality time with Big Monkey. We are in the town house this weekend so there are vague plans to visit London Zoo/Regents Park with my camera for a play and maybe I might even manage to take BM and his credit card to Ally Pally on Sunday.
Who knows? 
 I plan to start the weekend this evening with a bottle of wine, a chinese take away and maybe even some scrapping as I haven't managed any for a few days and am suffering withdrawal symptoms!!! Also the postie seems to have got over his reluctance to visit my letterbox and I have had a few stash parcels in the last couple of days so lots of rummaging and sorting to do. I might even get round to a spot of housework, but I doubt it, too many fun things to do first!!
Enjoy your Friday evening!

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nemo said...

Great masculine colours and a rich layout embellished with lace too.
Love it ! xxx