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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Bye Bye Summer!

It is well and truly Autumn here today. The back garden is full of golden leaves and the sky is grey and cloudy. The wind is up and there is no sign of the gorgeous warm sun from yesterday!

I am ashamed to admit that we didn't make it to the River Festival either. My friend and I both cried off due to the weather and decided to meet up over a bottle of wine next week instead!! Not so good for the photography I wanted to do, but much warmer and no standing around for hours then being disappointed with the results!

I spent the day as per this LO - Monkeying around!!
 I managed 3 new LO's yesterday which I have yet to photograph but not one today. I don't really know where the day has gone, because apart from some time spent on the Wii fit I have achieved nothing! 
It has amused me to learn that according to Wii fit my age is correct, but BM's age is apparently 46 which didn't please him at all!! Nice for him to be older for a change. I was horrified to learn how overweight I am though, so with 9 months to go I am going on a diet/ keep fit plan! There is no way I am showing this body in a bikini on the beach!!
Back to court tomorrow for yet another trial aswell as the end of this weeks which over ran, so settling in for a snuggly Autumn evening of TV, Jo Lumley's - Cats, which just makes me want one even more, and then Casualty and Waking the Dead! 
Hope you had a great weekend!


lisa said...

Hi Sarah. The day's been grey here too, such a shame after the glorious sunshine of yesterday!!
I love your handbag LO. It's a great subject to scrap, these are the things you'll forget about in years to come so are even more important to record.
I love the star on this one too. You always use such interesting shapes.
Hope your week goes ok.


debby4000 said...

Oh WOW this is brilliant, love the star.

Lynda said...

Oh Sarah this is just brilliant - what a fantastic layout you've created. What a lotta fun being had too!

Lynda xxx

Polly said...

LOVE this page - a perfect example of your detailed and intricate style which you carry off without anything looking too fussy or overdone.

Great theme too - I think I did spot the difference though!