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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Very special award!

This fabulous face is courtesy of the lovely Brenda who has made me a very very special award!
I am very honoured and very happy to receive it, shame it can't be delivered with a real life lick and a wag! Bernie here is just so adorable, I want to borrow him for snuggles and cuddles but will have to make do with this gorgeous piccy instead!
Thank you Brenda.
I am sure you won't mind if I scrap it!

Quick post tonight as I've been out with work for dinner and some wine - hic! Just a quick blog hop and off to bed as up at silly o clock yet again tomorrow!! Couldn't not share Bernie with you!

Big Monkey rang me at court today to tell me I had two new followers. Two? Wow! 
Hello to Lynda and Helen, thanks for joining my little zone.
Night night


Lynda said...

Hi Sarah I'm glad I found your blog (courtesy of Brenda) you are so full of fun and have a great sense of humour I know I will be cheered every time I visit. Congratulations on the award - isn't it just the cutest one ever!... and very much deserved too!

Love Lynda xxx

Sarah xx said...

Thanks Lynda, that's really sweet of you.