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Sunday, 6 September 2009


Wow! What a great weekend!

Not only are we still getting over the enjoyment of our trip to Jersey but as we are staying at the Monkey country retreat this weekend rather than our town house we are very very close to 2 of my favourite  crafting establishments - The Glitter Pot and The Craft Barn.  
No stay would be complete without a little visit, so after a wander round Sheffield Park, we (ok, just me) oohed and aaahed for several minutes whilst I snuck a few goodies into a smallish basket! You can imagine how thrilled I was when BM said he would buy me a much longed for Martha Stewart punch! 

Ooooh!  I am a lucky girl!

I am not currently taking part in 'Learn Something New Every Day', but know that some of you are and I am enjoying seeing your pages and mini books. Today  I learned that using lovely posh toiletries acquired from recently stayed in lovely posh hotel does NOT recreate the luxurious spa experience in one's bathroom that one enjoyed at the said posh hotel!!!

Oh well, back to reality and work tomorrow!
See you soon

1 comment:

Emilie said...

OMG! those shots are GREAT! look like the CJ courses are paying off!
Take care xx