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Thursday, 17 September 2009

A prickly subject!

Todays posting comes to you from the depths of a vodka induced following day fuzz!

Have had a stressful week at work this week and although not every week is even remotely this bad, I have struggled this week both mentally and emotionally!

Last night I went to the pub with work colleagues and drank lots and lots of vodka and had a very good time and it was a great de-stress session!

Unfortunately this was also the week that BM also had to work lots of night shifts  (something he doesn't cope very well with, ie; gets overtired and grumpy)  and so we have not seen much of each other.  This has meant complaints from BM about our crazy hectic 2home lifestyle, and the usual row that ensues. Apart from winning the lottery and one of us giving up working  (me preferably so that I have more time to scrap!)  I am not sure that there is much that we can do about it so I don't see the point of the row and therefore tend to ignore it. This of course winds him up even more and I forecast a rough few days!
 Oh great! And I am working at the weekend so I guess it's not going to be a good one!
Oh yeah - and due to him having an early night and me drinking too much vodka I didn't phone home either so apparently I have kicked a dog when he is down???
Add to that the fact that the postman has clearly forgotten that I exist, so no new Scrapbook Inspirations, no newly ordered stash, all adds up to a week that, along with the weather is pretty pants!
Any suggestions for a remedy anyone?


Biskit said...

hmmmm, the only remedy I can think of is more vodka.... not sure how much it would help though. xx

brenda said...

Yes I agree Sarah, was going to say more vodka and see someone has already come up with that one.

Otherwise, shut yourself in your craft rooom and lock the door on the inside.

And perhaps hegie would be good company, won't answer back or make too many demands on your time.

B x

Emma said...

Vodka sounds like a good plan to me! Love your prickly LO, he is an absolute cutie! My Postman might be sticking two fingers up at me as he walks past this week, but I did at least get my Scrapbook Inspirations on Monday, so I have put off rifle practice til tomorrow, lets just say he had better bring the goods!!!

Hope you get some stash soon!

Polly said...

Sorry to hear things are a bit rubbish at the moment - thinking outside the box, maybe you could try tequeila?

I prescribe a nice hot lavender-y bath, chocolate and an early night and hopefully things will look better in morning (when the post arrives).

Lynda said...

Chocolate and more crafting would be my escape. Love the layout and I hope things improve very soon. Am sure they will! Take care.

Love Lynda xxx