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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Birthday Surprise!

Thursday dawned and BM still had no idea what I had planned for his birthday - even when we had to get up at 5.30 and I bundled him blindfolded into a taxi with his Ipod in so he couldn't hear!

On arrival at Gatwick he still had no idea where we were going and didn't until 5 minutes before we boarded - it was the best kept secret ever!

The short flight to Jersey was brilliant, Monkey couldn't believe it, and when we landed and booked into the Jersey Grand Hotel and Spa he was beaming! The room was luxurious and there was a special birthday message, fruit and choccies from the hotel for him. We had the best two day micro break ever - neither of us wanted to leave last night.

We explored the island as best we could, but didn't visit half the places we wanted - something to do with also wanting to spend hours in the luxurious spa at the hotel and not wanting to get out of the oh so comfy bed!!
We did manage to drive round the island, visit Castle Orgueil, see some Jersey cows and eat some Jersey spuds - all yummy! We even managed to find a little craft shop for me - he he!?
Bless him - he couldn't stop thanking me, but there was no need, he spoils me all year so it was a thank you for him too!
We had such a fantastic time. 
This is my new favourite place!
Can't wait to get stuck in to a little mini book for our micro adventure now.
Happy Birthday Mike - love you!


brenda said...

What a fab surprise that turned out to be, never been there but it looks lovely.

B x

debby4000 said...

Oh what a brilliant surprise, glad you all have a great time.

Polly said...

Well done on the surprise - I just can't keep my mouth shut about things like that.

Your pictures are great,I particularly love the Jersey cows -they have such beautiful eyes.