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Monday, 21 September 2009

Precious moments!

Have been absent all weekend working on one of the most scary awful hideous crimes that I think I have ever worked on, which also included some hours that were also fairly awful and hideous too!
Have been home in the wee hours of the morning and up again shortly after to resume the necessary liaisons that my role requires.

No time or energy to blog hop or post and so have read about everyone's fun weekends today through the matchsticks propping open my eyes. 

Am on a training course this week - more about that later in the week,  but hopefully will be able to catch up on sleep and even get some scrapping done as we finish quite early in the afternoons.

This LO is all about our visit to Paignton Zoo where we were lucky enough to see the four six month old tiger cubs that had been born there. Sadly, the day after we went one of them died. I wanted to document the fact that we had been lucky enough to see them, and what a precious moment it was. (You must realise by now how much I love tigers!!!) 
Life is short and sacred. 
Treasure those precious moments - oh and don't forget to scrap them!


Lynda said...

Oh I adore your LO. These animals are truly precious and it's so sad about the one that died.

Love Lynda xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh what a gorgeous layout, so sad that one died.

Enfys said...

I really love this LO. Your style is really special you know...
En xx