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Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday blurb!

Nothing much to report today.
Yesterday was spent loafing, a wee spot of shopping and even some housework which was long overdue got done too!

A nice relaxing Sunday,  busy doing nothing in some fabulously sunny weather.

Today however was not so nice.
It was my first shift in the new regime and I have to say that so far I don't like it! Apart from being ridiculously busy, I was on my own and none of the new people in the office were particularly chatty or seemed to want to get to know those of us who have remained.

Suffice to say that I came home and fell asleep on the sofa and didn't even photograph the LO's that I made over the weekend! Instead I will leave you with a card that I made. I forgot to use my new punch on it but I think my efforts are getting better - must be all the inspiration you lot give me?
P.S Hello to Judith, welcome to the Zone.


lisa said...

Hi Sarah. Glad the weekend was lovely for you. It was here too. A little bit of Summer. Love your card. What a great image. We have a pussy that does this on the kitchen drawers!!!
Your day in the new regime sounds a bit naff, hope it improves. A bit of chat and a few biccies going round helps the day along. You'll have to get them trained!!


Lynda said...

Fab card - love those PB images. Hope things get better for you at work.

Lynda xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh this is adorable, wonderful card.
It's early days and I'm sure things will get better.