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Friday, 18 September 2009

Fabby Friday!

Well it might have been better if I hadn't had to go to work?

House of monkey update - things are calm and pleasant again after our recent upset and no further vodka (or Tequila - Polly) was required! Just as well as I am getting too old to cope with hangovers and it severely hampered my crafting ability in that I didn't do any and just slobbed on the sofa all day yesterday, blog hopping!!! ( Oh and maybe I accidentally managed to sign myself up to the complete Gogo monthly kits to cheer myself up!!)

Anyway back to today, my non subscription september Scrapagogo kit finally arrived - yeah! and it is indeed truly luscious - I can't wait to play with it, but that will have to wait for another day!!
AND.....my Scrapbook Inspirations magazine finally arrived too - yippee. Bus journey to work tomorrow will be improved 200 per cent by it's arrival! Still waiting for a few other goodies but am a happy bunny for today.

Not sure about this LO, I like it but feel it's not quite finished somehow. I feel the need for some more ribbons or something rich and royally coloured to give it a bit of oomph!
What do you think?
Catch up with you soon


Lynda said...

I don't think you need to add anything else to this LO it's absolutely fab. Great shape too!

Love Lynda xxx

Sara said...

Think it's fantastic, really fun, It's good to do something out of your comfort zone every now and then!

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

I'll talk very quiety just in case your head is not back to rights. Glad to see Bernie had arrived OK.

Nice layout, looks like a lot of work went into it.

B x

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. Sounds ike you've been having a rough time lately, glad things are quieter now though, it's horrible when you fall out and just not worth the stress levels. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that lottery win!!
I love both your layouts, and I agree this one is great just as it is.
Enjoy your commuter reading tomorrow. I got mine last Monday and have read it about 4 times now, there lots of lovely things in.